GBWhatsapp Download Apk (Updated) Official Anti-Ban 2023 Latest Version

WhatsApp is the main source of communication through the internet in the form of texting, video Calling, and telling stories. This is the best social platform to combine people throughout the world. This WhatsApp Messenger can be used for different purposes. There are different versions of WhatsApp like there is the original version, the modified premium version, and the Modded version which are for different purposes.

But now in this article, we are going to discuss a new version which is very popular nowadays and people find it more useful and authentic. This version is the GB WhatsApp APK. GB WhatsApp is used by millions of people nowadays. This has all the features of WhatsApp but it has some additional and advanced features which people want in WhatsApp but they are not available in the original version

GBWhatsApp provides you with additional features such as a download status, you can hide your online status from some people, you can have different types of suggestions from different people to add to your WhatsApp, you can change your voice, and much more.



What is GB WhatsApp APK?

GB WhatsApp APK is the more advanced and new version of WhatsApp. This version includes all the features of WhatsApp but they are unlocked and more advanced in the use

App NameGBWhatsApp
VersionLatest Version
Size67.9 MB
Total Downloads7,000,000+
RequirementAndroid 5.1 + higher
Last UpdatedToday

With the help of GBWhatsApp, you can hide your DP and online status from some people while this feature is not available in the original version of WhatsApp. You can download any story or status of any person by the downloading button in GB WhatsApp. This also provides you with some amazing features such as a great variety of emojis, stickers, font themes, and much more to make your WhatsApp beautiful and more fun to use. This will give you many different suggestions of people who are using WhatsApp nearby people and close friends. It has some advanced features.

What is GB WhatsApp Mod APK?

GB WhatsApp Mod APK is the free unlocked hack version of GB WhatsApp. This version will provide you with everything unlocked which is locked in the original GB WhatsApp version. GB WhatsApp Mod APK is available on Google with the latest and old versions. This is mostly similar to the original GB WhatsApp version but there are some options that are more advanced and unlocked in this mode version because we know that the mode version provides some premium and unlock features.

Features of GBWhatsApp APK

Advanced version

GBWhatsApp APK is known as the advanced and broad version of WhatsApp. This version will provide you with some additional and advanced features of WhatsApp which are not available in the WhatsApp of normal users. You can download GB WhatsApp easily from Google and do enjoy additional features free of cost and enjoy chatting and calling more.

Hide DP and online status

With the help of GBWhatsApp, you can now hide your display picture and online status through some people. There are many people on our contact list with us. We want to hide our display picture and online status by keeping them as a contact so for this purpose you can use DB WhatsApp and can hide your DP and online status from some of your accounts very easily.

Download status stories

There are many people in your contact list who put different types of video clips and stickers. If you want to download statuses and stories which are not available in the original WhatsApp APK but with the help of GBWhatsApp, you can have this option now. You can download every type of image, video clip sticker, and anything that other people put in their stories. There is a downloading button through which you can download anything you want.

Increased limits

GBWhatsApp has increased the limits of different things as compared to WhatsApp. This has increased limits of sending audio data MB’s backup MB voice message length and much more. all the limits are limitless in GB WhatsApp. You can send as many voice notes and audio as you want of different lengths. You can send audio data up to 200 MBS very easily. Also, there is also very much convenience in using different things. You can share big files here.

Different modes

You can apply different types of modes in GBWhatsApp like you can apply airplane mode while this is not available in the original version. You can apply airplane mode so that some of your contacts or people may not disturb you while texting and calling other people, so you can use this feature for no disturbing purpose.

Collection of stickers emojis and fonts

GBWhatsApp has a great variety of different stickers, emojis, and fonts. These three main things are useful things while texting and chatting emojis are the main thing nowadays to know about the mood and body language of another person. There are also many more stickers in GB WhatsApp which provide you with chatting. There are also many different beautiful fonts for typing and texting. These all are free in GBWhatsApp.

Write long statuses

With the help of GBWhatsApp, you can now write a long status in your story. The limit for writing statuses in WhatsApp is usually 139 but here in GB Whatsapp, this is extended to 255.

Hide Your Last Scene

There are many people who want to hide their last scene while online through some people so GB WhatsApp also resolved this problem. Now you can hide your last seen from some of your contacts very easily. This is the most useful and desired feature of WhatsApp.

Saved chats

GBWhatsApp can save your chats in the backup. This backup has increased MB and space in GB WhatsApp. You can save as many chats as you want. There is also an option of going to the first message through which you can go to the first message of your complete chat whether it is of years or months. So it’s very advanced now.

Voice Changer

Voice Changer is the most fun feature of GBWhatsApp. While recording voice messages you can change your voice with the help of a voice changer in GBWhatsApp. this will change your voice in different tones, so you can also do pranks with your friends and people.

Different suggestions

GbWhatsApp also gives you different types of suggestions of people who are your nearby relatives, family friends, and different mutual friends, so you can find different types of people within GB WhatsApp and add them to your contact and make them friends, share your stories with them and call and text them.

Hide blue ticks

You can permanently hide your blue Ticks as seen in messages in GBWhatsApp. Many people become angry when you see their messages but you cannot reply to them due to being busy. So with GB WhatsApp, you can hide your blue takes permanently from some people very easily.

Features of GBWhatsApp Mod APK

Unlocked GBWhatsApp version GBWhatsApp Mod APK is the unlocked and unlimited version of GB WhatsApp GBWhatsApp also has many advanced and unlock features but this modified version will provide you with many unlocked features of GBWhatsApp.

This version is free to download and it is free to use all the stickers fonts useful features and advanced features of GBWhatsApp available in this version are also many other compatible mode versions of other devices other than Android so you can also download them from Google. you can learn more about other mods on

Whatsapp VS GBWhatsapp Comparison

Status Characters LengthUp to 139 CharactersUp to 255 Characters
Document Sharing at one time30100
Media Sharing15 MB50 MB
Hide Last Seen
Status Copying
Documents Sharing in Pdf, Txt format
Languages Supported13045
Blank Messages Sending
Theme Changing

How to install GB WhatsApp APK?

You can download and install GBWhatsApp APK very easily. First, go to Google and search GB WhatsApp latest version apk download then there will be a lot of links you can select the top link for this after it you can install GBWhatsApp on your device after downloading you can install it by giving permission from unknown sources through your Android device after installing you have to put all of your information like name number country code and more. A verification code will be sent to your number through which you can verify your GBWhatsApp. After it you can easily use GB WhatsApp on android.


Is GB WhatsApp safe to use?

Yes GB is safe to use. You can enjoy the extra features of WhatsApp with GB WhatsApp without any risk, this is totally safe, private, and Secure.

Does GB WhatsApp have increased limits for sending images and voice messages?

Yes GB WhatsApp provides you with increased limits for sending messages, images, and voice messages. You can send more than 30 images in one shift. You can send voice messages of long lengths. You can share audio of more than 15mbs.


So if you also want to use the extra features of WhatsApp then download GBWhatsApp APK download from Google. GBWhatsApp has advanced and more fun features to use and millions of people are now using GB WhatsApp and enjoying them for free.

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