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Communication is an integral part of other lives. We talk to plenty of people in a day and express our feelings and emotions and also talk about various topics and activities. Not just in real life, we talk to plenty of people through various social media apps. Among all, FMWhatsApp is the most used app. FM WhatsApp is a completely secure application that has millions of users and they increase to double the amount of this on a daily basis.

The reason is that this application is multitasking and not just limited to mere text messages. There are plenty of other features that are attached to this application and this is the reason this application attracts the attention of millions of users per day.


FM WhatsApp Fouad WhatsApp APK Download

Version4.1 Android
Total Downloads200000+
DeveloperFM Mods
Last Update1 Day Ago

The FMWhatsapp has an original version that is available on the play store and is on almost everybody’s mobile phone. But there is also a modified version of this application that has the most advanced and updated features that are absent in the original version.

Today this article talks about that modified version of the application. So read this article completely so that you can get to know about the astonishing and surprising features of WhatsApp that are present in the modified version of the app.

The name of the application is Fm WhatsApp Apk. This application has various features that make it quite worthy to download. You can download this app to use it smoothly and with effective and efficient features. So read this article to understand the working of the application in a better way.

What is FmWhatsapp Apk?

This application is called the modified version of the app. This application has all those features that are present in the original version of the app and those features that are absent in the original version of the app. You can make interesting changes in this application that you cannot do in the original version of the app. You can set different themes, and backgrounds in this application. You get a more secure version in the mod version of the app. The interface of this application is the same as the original version but with so many useful changes. You would love using this app because of its awesome and marvelous features.

Features of FMWhatsapp


The best thing about this modified version of WhatsApp is that it comes with complete optimization. It often happens that modded apps carry different kinds of viruses that not only slow down the quality of your mobile phone but also affect the working and functioning of your device. So all the technical faults and viruses have been permanently removed from this application to make it a super smooth and enjoyable version of the application.


This application provides 100% privacy which is the best thing about this application. You get into encrypted and fully secured chats and calls to make and even WhatsApp itself cannot get to know about those conversations. You can make hours-long phone calls to your loved ones using this application and you can hide your online status from other contacts because of the excellent privacy provided by the application.

Set various Themes

An important thing that is absent in the original version of the application is that you can only set some specific themes to your application. You can add your images or some basic solid colors as a background for your chat in the original version but in the latest version of this application, you can choose a variety of different themes that enhance the beauty of your app and make it look more attractive.

Maximum Images

In the original version of the app, you can send 5 images at a time to any of your contacts. But in the mod version of the application, you can select up to 200 images and you can send them easily to any of your contacts without any error or interruption. This has made it much easier to send images or videos and you do not have to go to your gallery, again and again, to send images to various contacts because you can select a huge number of images at one time and can send it to your multiple contacts easily.

Pin Maximum Chats

Maximum Chats

If we talk about the original version of the application you can only select three contacts to pin at one time. But the mod version does not have this limitation and you can pin up to 100 chats at one time completely depending upon your ease and comfort.

Read Deleted Messages

One of the most precious features of this latest application is that you can read deleted messages and this important feature is completely absent in the original version of the application. It so happens that sometimes we send a message to someone and we feel like we have sent the wrong message or the message needs to be deleted so we can choose the delete for all options and make the message unavailable for the recipient. The modified application has made it possible to read those deleted messages easily.

No Size Limit

You have to send the data of a limited size in the original version of the application. But you will be glad to know that you can send files up to 700 MBS in the latest version of the application. Not only this you also get excellent quality videos and images in this application. The original version of the app makes the images blur and drastically reduces the quality of the images which is a major drawback of the app.

Add Reaction to Statuses

Another interesting thing you can do in the latest version of the app is to add reactions to the statuses of others. If you do not want to respond in the form of text to a certain status you can make successful use of emoticons and can add multiple reactions to those statuses using the emoticons. This also saves your time and giving a reaction using an emoticon gives the other person a quick response from your side.

Set Multiple Backgrounds

Another fantastic thing that you can do in the latest version of the application is to set multiple backgrounds on your application. You can select backgrounds from huge categories such as animals, nature, beauty, furniture, cosmetics, cars, and many other options available in the application and you can select your favorite one and can set it as your background.

Put Password to the App

In the original version of the application, you can secure your app by adding your thumbprint as a password. This facility is not available on all devices. The latest version of the app has launched an amazing feature with which now you can set a password to your application as you do with your lock screen. This makes your app safer and more secure to use.

Leave Groups Silently

If you are added to a group and you do not feel comfortable or necessary to be in that group and don’t want to be a part of that group anymore you can silently leave that group because the latest version of this application gives you this amazing chance to leave any of the groups without letting other members of the groups know about that.

What makes FmWhatsApp Apk worth downloading?

The privacy, security, complete optimization, and latest features of the app make Fm WhatsApp Apk download worth downloading.

How can We Download FmWhatsApp Apk on Mobile phones?

You cannot directly download this application from the Google play store. You have to go to a third party or you have to look for some websites to get a modded link. These websites are considered a good source for the modified links and you can get the app from there. After getting the app you have to follow some steps to complete the installation process.

  1. Download the apk file.
  2. Go to the setting of your phone and open the option for unknown resources.
  3. Allow installation from unknown resources so that the latest app version can get fully installed on your phone.
  4. Once the installation process gets completed you are good to go with the app.
  5. Open the latest version of Fm WhatsApp and start using it with its premium quality and excellent features.


FmWhatsApp Apk is an exceptional version of WhatsApp which makes users stunned with its marvelous features. So, Hurry up! Get the app installed on your mobile phone to have an excellent experience.

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